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Conditions And Treatments

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Surface Veins

Telangiectasia (Reticular veins) or Spider veins, these are small capillaries which twist and turn and are visible under the skin. Either type can be either bluish/purple or red in colour.
Scans can be done at all sites.  All your information will be on file as a patient of Dr Then’s.  Most of the scans take from 45 minutes to 120 minutes. If it will be longer our staff will advise you at the time of making your appointment.
More information coming soon
Dr Then carries out different procedures that can effectively reduce the various veins if they are detrimental to your health.
Dr Then treats an extensive number of patients with leg ulcers which may or may not be painful.
Dr Then treats an extensive number of patients with diabetic foot / feet.  Patients experience changes in their feet as a result of Diabetes.
Dr Then stocks a good range of stockings in his main rooms for patients' to purchase for use post day procedure and post-surgery.
Dr Then can treat anginas with an arterial bypass which involves grafting an artery or vein within the body surgically to relieve a blockage or weaking.
An angiogram is a minor procedure of the arteries and veins in the body and carried out in the Catheter Lab in hospital.
Dr Then can treat aneurysms surgically where the aneurysm is cut off and the blood vessel is sewn back together to the effect of its original state.