Dr Then carries out angiograms / angioplasties for his patients in hospital.

An angiogram is a minor procedure of the arteries and veins in the body and carried out in the Catheter Lab in hospital. Dye is injected into the vein or artery via the groin or arm. Once the dye has been injected images are taken of the blood flow to analyse abnormalities or blockages. These images are then used to plan further intervention if and when required.

An angioplasty is a procedure of the arteries and veins in the body to improve blood flow. A deflated balloon is inserted through the groin or arm via a catheter. Once the balloon is in place it is inflated several times for a few seconds to open up the vessel and improve the blood flow. This procedure is performed to unblock a vein or an artery which has been blocked by plaque (fatty deposits on the wall of the vessel).

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